Intersex Advocacy Award at 2022 Unity Banquet

We were honored to present the Intersex Advocacy Award at the 2022 Unity Banquet to Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia for her work on the historic HR 5730, the Protect Intersex Children Act. HR 5730 is the first piece of federal level legislation that would protect Intersex children if passed. Congresswoman Garcia’s representative Frank Gonzalez accepted the award on her behalf.

Following the 2021 anniversary of National Intersex Awareness Day, Congresswoman Sylvia R. Garcia (TX-29) introduced H.R. 5730 the Protect Intersex Children Act (PICA) to protect the dignity and bodily autonomy of children born with variations in sex characteristics. The bill would prohibit medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children in the foster care system. “Too many children are subjected to invasive surgeries and lifelong consequences against their will,” said Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX-29). “These surgeries are not just unnecessary, they are a clear violation of bodily autonomy and cause lasting harm to children who wouldn’t be able to understand what is being done to them, let alone consent. Intersex children should be able to grow up and make their own decisions about their bodies when they are old enough to do so.”

Read the bill text here: H.R. 5730 the Protect Intersex Children Act (PICA)


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