World AIDS Day

Image is of an intersex flag with a yellow background with a purple ring in the center. Inside the purple ring is a red ribbon.

December 1st is World AIDS Day.

It is a day we remember those we’ve lost, keep working to end POZ stigma, and continue having discussions about HIV/AIDS.

A lot of the discussion is centered on access and disparities of marginalized communities in regards to testing and medication.

Some things to consider regarding HIV/AIDS and access for the intersex community:

There is no research and information on HIV (and other STI) infection rates within the intersex community.

Intersex people were specifically excluded from PReP and HIV vaccine medication trials. Intersex people rejected from trials were told it was due to their intersex body as trials were only including cis men and trans women.

Medications that have only been approved for those assigned male at birth can be difficult for intersex people to access.

Research shows Intersex people have higher rates of homelessness, underemployment, and drug use than their endosex (non-intersex) peers. These factors relate to higher infection rates in communities where HIV/AIDS statistics exist.

Intersex people have difficulty accessing competent healthcare providers for general and sexual health, including at LGBTQ community clinics.

– Intersex people with histories of medical trauma are more likely to avoid seeking healthcare even when they are ill. This includes avoiding testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS.

– Some intersex variations cause a pre-existing autoimmune deficiency. Access to HIV testing, diagnosis, and treatment is critical for these intersex individuals.


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