We have some awesome things happening this year for Intersex Awareness Day!



The illumination of Houston City Hall for Intersex Awareness Day.
A multi-story City Hall building with a lit clock face at top is illuminated in purple and yellow lights. There are trees on both sides of the building. It is dusk and the sky is getting dark. The building is in front of a reflection pool and the reflection of the building can be seen at the bottom of the picture.

As usual, we will have our annual illumination of Houston City Hall.

What’s different about this year is that both Houston City Hall and the 6 bridges over US-59 will be illuminated in Purple and Yellow on October 25th and October 26th.

A bit of history about Intersex Awareness Day in Houston:

In 2015, Houston City Hall was the first government building ever to be illuminated for Intersex Awareness Day.

In 2017, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a proclamation declaring Oct 25th Intersex Awareness Day in Houston, to commemorate the date of the first Houston City Hall illumination.

*NOTE* – We will not be having an onsite meetup this year due to COVID. Instead, we encourage you to drive past Houston City Hall and the US-59 Bridges on your own time. We’d love for you to share photos with us on social media!



Text on the image says, “Intersex Awareness Day. Artist Spotlight. October 19th – November 2nd”
The image is of artwork in a gallery. A small sculpture of a human form is in the bottom left corner. Behind that, a collage of medical records and bloody gauze.To the right of the collage, 4 pieces of paper with a poem on illegible tiny print. In the upper right corner an intersex flag hangs on the wall. The logo for Gender Unbound trans & intersex art festival is in the bottom right corner.

Gender Unbound in Austin held their annual arts festival digitally this year.
The virtual showcase consisted of works by trans and intersex artists around the theme of β€œhome”. The showcase consisted of an interactive 3D exhibition. We were honored to participate with a commissioned artpiece and accompanying poem titled β€œHome is a Children’s Hospital”.

If you missed it, you can check out all the works by the intersex artists in the virtual gallery for a special Intersex Awareness Day exhibition.



Title at the top of the image says “History of a happy hermaphrodite”
Below the title is an image of a performer’s head and shoulders moving. Their movement makes their head and shoulders blurred across the picture. The image is a variation of black, pinks, and reds.
The text at the bottom of the image says, “Monday at 9 pm CDT – 10 pm CDT. History of a Happy Hermaphrodite. Online Event.”

We are proud to present the TV premiere of the stage production ‘History of a Happy Hermaphrodite’.

About the show: Framed around a humorous therapy session with a pet cat; an unapologetic story of trauma, survival, and defiance is formed through a series of short performance vignettes utilizing movement, music, and video.
Suggested for mature audiences*.

Melelani Petersen as Jack the cat & Stephanie Saint Sanchez as Manba the cat.

Assisted by Mo Cortez, Berengaria Navarre, and Kealoha Petersen.

The first half of the show titled ‘history of a happy hermaphrodite: part 1’ was presented at the 2015 Houston Fringe Festival. This is the full stage performance with part 1 and part 2. This is not the film festival edit or an in-studio produced film version.

*History of a Happy Hermaphrodite contains references to drug use, human trafficking, PTSD, abuse, sex work, and other potentially upsetting subject matter.

Comcast channel 17
ATT U-Verse channel 99
Suddenlink channel 99
Phonoscope channel 96

or watch on their website:



A 3D cartoon snail with a yellow body and purple shell with yellow highlights smiles. Across the snail’s body are the words “SPECIAL EVENT!” in red letters. Text below the picture says, “Monday at 10pm CDT – 11pm CDT. Intersex Awareness Day TV special. Online Event.”

We are proud to present the first ever Intersex Awareness Day TV special!

It’s a variety show program with live performances by intersex people and a few of our endosex (non-intersex) pals with music, spoken word, dancing, and short films.

Hosted by Mo Cortez and Koomah.

Tune in to HMS TV in Houston:
Comcast channel 17
ATT U-Verse channel 99
Suddenlink channel 99
Phonoscope channel 96

or watch online on their website:


The Houston Intersex Society (THIS) is an educational, social, and support organization for, by, and about intersex people in Houston, Texas and beyond. THIS aims to empower and enrich the lives of intersex people while working to end shame and create visibility through education, community events, and the arts.

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