Intersex Awareness Day events!

Image is a flyer that lists various Intersex Awareness Day 2022 events. On the top left is text that says, “Intersex Awareness Day”. Top middle is a yellow flag with a purple ring in the center. Inside the ring is a white shape of Texas. The flag say, “The Houston Intersex Society” in black letters. On the top left is text that says, “2022 events”. The text in the center is dates/times/locations of events and is listed in the text box below. There is a 3d purple and yellow cartoon snail mascot in the lower left corner. The snail has a speech bubble that says, “”. The frame of the flyer is yellow and purple.

Events for 2022 Intersex Awareness Day!

October 25th
Intersex 101
4:30pm @ UH Downtown
SAGA student group

October 25th & 26th
IAD Illumination
Houston City Hall
and Bridges over US-59

October 26th
Interview on Queer Voices
8pm on 90.1 KPFT
or listen via podcast:
Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast

October 26th
IAD TV Special
4pm (CT) & 9pm (CT)

October 26th
‘History of a Happy Hermaphrodite’
5pm (CT) & 8pm (CT)

Tune in to HMS TV in Houston:
Comcast channel 17
ATT U-Verse channel 99
Suddenlink channel 99
Phonoscope channel 96

Watch online:

Watch on your phone:


The Houston Intersex Society (THIS) is an all-volunteer BIPOC led Houston-based grassroots non-profit organization for, by, and about intersex people. THIS aims to empower and enrich the lives of intersex people while working to end shame and create visibility through education, community events, and the arts.

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